Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Global Transformation

I inherited my grandfather's globe that I always remember playing with as a child.  I always thought it was super cool and was happy to give it a new home.  The map of the globe, however, was out of date and thus not a proper use of information.  So, I decided to give the globe a fresh new update to become a decoration in our house.  Keep reading to see the transformation (and how to) of this globe!


Items needed:

Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint
Rust-Oleum Black Chalkboard Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum Aged Gray Chalked Ultra Matte Spray Paint
Testors Spray Chalk

Step 1: Set up a well ventilated work area.

My favorite spot to work with spray paint is outside where I do not have to worry about fumes or over-spray.  If it is too windy outside, I spray in the garage.

Step 2: Use sandpaper to rough up surface that will be painted.  

Rough up all surfaces with sandpaper for paint adhesion
Step 3: Wipe down surfaces to omit residue.

Wipe down all surfaces before painting
Step 4: Paint globe. 

I applied 3 coats of the black chalkboard paint so the chalk being wiped down in the future will not wear down the paint.  Chalkboard paint dries ultra matte even though it looks shiny when wet.

Wet chalkboard paint
Lightly sand and wipe down the surface between each coat.  The last thing you want is residue stuck underneath the surface of your paint which will lead to easy chipping!

Note: A protective top layer of polyacrylic was not used since I plan on actually using chalk on the globe.

Step 5: Paint base.

I was able to take apart the base for easy spray painting without having to tape up the globe from over-spray.

First layer being applied to base
Base drying indoors since the garage temperature was too cold
Note: I highly recommend buying this handy spray grip for $3!  It saves your hands from cramping and makes the job much more enjoyable!

Recommended spray grip on spray paint can
Remember, lightly sand and wipe down the surface between each coat to avoid residue!

Note: A protective top layer of polyacrylic was not used since I did not want to affect the ultra matte finish of the Chalked Paint.

Step 6: Write message on the globe.

On one side, I can change up the message in chalk with whatever message I feel like for the time being.  Whether it be a holiday message, a birthday message, or just 'Have a Good Day'! I like that I can change it up.  

I used a stencil made with my Silhouette Curio and Testors Spray Chalk to write my first message.

Using Spray Chalk with stencil
On the other side of the globe, I decided to use vinyl with a cute saying that I like to be reminded of!  I created the message with my Silhouette Curio.

Applying vinyl with transfer paper

Step 7: Enjoy!

Chalk message on new globe

Vinyl design - After!

I love this new take on a family heirloom that reminds me of my grandparents!

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