Thursday, September 24, 2015

Make-Up the Vanity

Check out the transformation (and how to) of turning a drab desk into a glam vanity!



Items needed:
Silver Metallic Spraypaint ***Explained in Step 5 why I did NOT use Silver Leaf Sheets***
Clear Satin Polycrylic (Learn from my mistake and DO NOT buy the spray paint can)
PPE - Gloves and Safety Glasses

Step 1: Remove Drawers.

Step 2: Remove hardware.

Step 3: Set up a well ventilated work area.

My favorite spot to work with chemicals and spray paint is outside where I do not have to worry about fumes or overspray.

Step 4: Use a rag and apply a thick coat of deglosser following the manufacturer's instructions. Wear gloves and glasses!  

Deglosser vs Sandpaper: This was my first time using deglosser vs. sanding and I loved it!! I chose deglosser for this particular project because the wood was in great shape and just needed the top gloss layer removed.  If there had been imperfections in the wood I would have used a sander and sandpaper.

Deglosser will micro-etch the surface so the new paint can adhere - seen in this blurry picture.  I applied 3 coats.

Step 5: Spray paint. 3-4 coats is my preferred coverage for spray paint.

***Now I chose to use metallic spray paint instead of Silver Leaf because of the research I did on How To Silver Leaf.  It is very tedious, messy, time consuming, and more expensive. After reading advice from several other bloggers comparing silver leaf vs metallic spray paint, metallic spray paint was the recommended option.  I'm extremely glad I used spray paint as it took me about 10 minutes of spray time - can't beat that!***

Step 6: Apply a coat of Polycrylic.

This is where I made a HUGE mistake!  I wanted to keep the fast pace going of spray painting, so I opted for the Polycrylic in a spray can... NEVER AGAIN.  Use the polycrylic in a paint can - which I have linked above.

I shook the can extremely well and was working in the recommended temperature, but the spray can kept leaving drip marks everywhere... IT LOOKED AWFUL!

Nasty drips that the spray can polycrylic left.

Lesson learned: I sanded the surface to get rid of the drip imperfections, added another coat of metallic spray paint, and used the correct polycrylic!

Polycrylic vs Polyurethane: Polycrylic dries crystal clear and is water based.  It won't hold up well to heat and chemicals and overall isn't as durable as polyurethane.  Polyurethane dries with a yellow-ish tint and is oil based.  It is more durable especially in heat.  Both come in a variety of finishes from satin to gloss.  My recommendation is to always use polyurethane on a darker color where a yellow-ish tint will not be visible.  However, polycrylic does a fantastic job when needed on those white and lighter color paint jobs that need to be protected.

Sanding due to my mistake of using spray can polycrylic.

Note: Wipe down the surface between each coat - especially after sanding.  The last thing you want is residue stuck underneath the surface of your paint which will lead to easy chipping!

A damp paper towel used to wipe down surface in between coats.

Note: I definitely recommend buying this handy spray grip for $3!  It saves your hands from cramping and makes the job much more enjoyable!

Step 7: Add hardware.

Older furniture is known for not having standard sized knobs and drawer pulls.  The new purple crystal knobs I ordered from Amazon came with thinner bolt heads than had previously been drilled (left).  I just added a washer which easily took care of my problem (right)!

Washer added to knob hardware bolts.

Step 8: Fix drawer slides.

Whether adding completely new slides as seen in Dressing Up a Dresser or fixing some low hanging plywood that caused difficult drawer movement (this vanity) - usually old furniture needs some type of mechanical fixing.

I used my Milwaukee right-angle drill to get into some tight spaces (right).

Step 9: Enjoy!

Before & After recap:

I absolutely love that I have tons of storage for all my makeup and hair products and especially the fact that I don't have to fight Matt for room in the bathroom while getting ready!  It's super girly and it's all mine!!

Questions or comments!? Comment below!!

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