Thursday, October 9, 2014

How I Got Here

Throughout growing up, I always helped my parents renovate their rental property homes.  They taught me a range of skills from plumbing to electrical, from landscaping to home maintenance, from carpentry to paying attention to detail and putting in the little extra effort to make something really stand out and shine to always taking pride in your work because it is a reflection on you and your product.  A quality product brings in more money, whether it’s rent or a sale price.  When it comes to rentals, my parents taught me to “never rent anything out that you wouldn't be willing to live in yourself.”

My parents helped me get into the real estate business when I was in college.  I owned my first home all throughout college and rented out the two additional rooms which completely helped pay for my living expenses.  With the updates I did to my college home and by taking care of it, we ended up selling the home for a huge profit.  I was involved with the buying, negotiations, upkeep, and selling of the home.  Here is a picture of my college home - not too shabby, huh?

Since then my husband and I have bought two homes For Sale By Owner.  We have had the opportunity to personally deal with the negotiations and legal contracts that are associated with real estate.  We have strategically renovated our first home to be neutral but stylish in order to appeal to the masses of renters and have gone through the process of putting it up for rent.

We try to increase value at this moment in our lives by doing projects ourselves instead of hiring someone else to do them.  Not only is it good experience for us to learn new skills (every project has its own unique problems), but it saves us tons of money, too!

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