Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DIY Doggy

*Keep reading to see what Teddy is helping with in this pic!*

In honor of National Dog Day, I have compiled an assortment of pictures showing our hardest DIY worker on the job.  His drive to help out has led to countless baths, he jumps at the chance for praise by hopping on our laps if we take a break, and he must be present for every project no matter how hard we try to keep him away from the mess.  We love him to pieces and wouldn’t change his personality for the world.  Enjoy!

 Teddy's favorite projects are outside.

Helping paint our fountain and watching over that Quikrete like it's nobodies business.
Go ahead and lay in that mud, Teddy.

Teddy thinks this sod was laid down JUST for him.

Dad digs holes, Teddy does not.

I'm not quite sure how he can sleep through all the loud noises of our construction, but he manages to successfully sleep... a lot.


He's always helping mom and dad out... with his presence.

Dear Teddy, is that really the best place to camp out?

Teddy striking a pose while Dad is working on the plumbing... priorities.

He really wanted to jump in the paint to leave paw prints all over.

Teddy helping us disassemble and reassemble our washer to get it downstairs through a tight doorway/stairwell. True story.

Just begging for Dad's attention... normal.

He is even great at posing for pictures - look to the front door step.

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