Friday, January 16, 2015

Stick a Cork In It

Using corks are a classic and relatively easy way to decorate - you can google "DIY Corks" and you'll see lists of the Top 25 Ways to Decorate with Corks and other articles like that.  Whether it’s from placing them in a vase or creating a piece of artwork, I am a huge fan of recycling and reusing wine corks.  Everyone in my family always keeps the corks after drinking a bottle of wine in order for these crafts to come to life.  I thought I'd show off some of our family crafts that haven't been massively pinned on Pinterest - although I do love me some Pinterest.  My cousin, Deb, has made lots of cork wreaths that she gives away as presents - she started way before it was cool on Pinterest.  One of my favorites that she has made:

Side note: Check out how we made this a feature wall with the use of stone in the post A Wall Cast in Stone!

I was lucky enough to receive one this year for Christmas and I absolutely love it!  Deb goes above and beyond and always puts in a little touch to personalize the wreath for the recipient.  She made sure that my wreath had a "B" for Brooke, an "M" for Matt, and a "Columbia" cork (Columbia cork not seen in this picture) since that is where Matt and I met.

She inspired me to make some of my own cork decorations (as presents and for myself ;)).  I made this “B” for my parents.

and an “M” for myself.
I first roughly laid out all the corks before gluing them together - making sure I liked the layout of the corks based on size and stained purple corks vs plain corks.  Then all I used was a hot glue gun to keep the corks in place.  It's extremely simple.  The only thing I would do differently for the next time I make a cork letter is using cardboard or wood as the letter template.  I decided to spruce things up by adding ribbons.  My cousin uses grapes as seen on the wreath pictures which really add a nice touch.  

Cork crafts help save money and look adorbs.  These wedding place cards are from my cousins', JR and Sheila, wedding and are absolutely gorgeous.

I think some of my next craft projects will be some coasters.  And i would love to incorporate cork flooring into our house!
There are unlimited possibilities.  So drink up and get to crafting - maybe even at the same time ;)!

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