Thursday, January 29, 2015

These Little Lights of Mine, I'm Gonna Let Them Shine (for now...)

Today's blog post is purely dedicated to show everyone some true 1920s-1930s light fixtures.  They are 100% not our taste and we will be remodeling our home to a transitional design as the years go by.  But for now, this is how we live.  It is quite astonishing how great all of these fixtures look for their age.  I know these fixtures are so unique that they can go for a pretty penny nowadays.  So, eventually we'll be doing our research in how to sell them to go to a good home :).

To start, this is the astonishing outside of our house on the day we bought the house.  We are in love.  We need to spruce up the landscaping, but overall the architecture is marvelous.

Now onto the inside... and our light fixtures...

This beaut sits over our dining room table.

This unique piece is milk glass.

These guys are Depression Glass (one in green and one in pink).

I actually like this chandelier that sits in our breakfast nook.  We will re-purpose it to work in  our dream closet!

Some more depression glass in the form of sconces.  We have 5 of these.

We have three of these lovely pieces.

This is our stairwell chandelier!  I'm torn whether I want to keep this one or not.

This fixture is something else.  We own 2...

 Our nephew calls our house a castle.  This entry way fixture seems to fit in with our "castle theme"...

As a bonus, I'm throwing in a picture of our pink and black bathroom.  I'm amazed on how well these tiles have held up since 1930.

What do you think... Awful or vintage-tastic?  Comment below!

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