Thursday, April 30, 2015

Get Those Solar Lights Shining Again

Want to know how to fix a solar light when it stops working?

Solar lights are a very easy, inexpensive way to light a walkway.  There are so many different designs and sizes nowadays that you can easily find one that matches your style and house.  We love our sleek set that we got from Target (and on sale) shown below.

These lights actually do go out, though!  This doesn't happen very often but it does occur.  However, there is no need to buy a new light (or in some cases a whole new set if the store doesn't carry your particular style anymore).  Solar lights are very easy to fix! 

All you will need:
  • Mini screwdriver set
  • 12V NiCad/NiMH (Nickel Cadmium/Nickel Metal Hydride) AA rechargeable battery
    • NiMH is the newer, more environment friendly, higher capacity technology

You may not know that these solar lights actually run on batteries that are recharged by the solar panel.  Since our battery was completely dead, we just needed to replace it.

1.    Twist off solar top.

2.    Take out screws holding the light parts in place.

3.    Remove cover.

4.    Take out old battery and replace with a fresh, new, battery.

5. Reverse: Place the cover and screws back in place, twist top back on, and you’ll have a working light again!  

Note: Most solar lights work just like this, but some may vary in how they are built.

*That white fluff ball on the right is Teddy peeing on our lights.  
It’s a never-ending, losing, battle we play with him to not constantly mark those lights as his own.  Since today is his 11th birthday, we'll let it slide .*

So don’t throw out your lights since they are super easy to fix!  Unless you run over them with a lawn mower… that’s past the point of no return… and you can throw it out.

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