Friday, November 10, 2017

Succulent Delight

I have never done a mason jar craft and thought it was about time I put my own spin on some mason jars!  I have also been needing some outside decor for my home so I decided to make a wooden wall planter to hold a bunch of cute succulents in mason jars.  I have been so in love with succulents lately and can't seem to stop buying them! I drew up a sketch and this was my final result:

I built the wooden wall frame with cedar so I can hang it outside and used the Varathane Weathered Wood accelerator to give it a distressed look.  Next, I used the Modern Masters Cheerful paint leftover from my front door Cheerful Tudor.  I like that having the same paint colors in several places ties the house design appeal together. 

Items needed:

Hanging Wooden Wall Planter

Mason Jar Planters
Here's a fun little snapchat story of the process of building the planter (bonus: #teddymullens is at the end): 

Step 1: Sketch desired size of hanging planter.

Sketch of planter with dimensions

Step 2: Cut Cedar with miter saw.

  • Cut two (2) 2x4s 3' (36") long for sides of planter.
  • Cut three (3) 2x6s 1'-9" (21") long for the shelf plants will sit on.
  • Cut three (3) 1x3s 1'-9" (21") long for the decorative piece in front of shelf.

Lengths of cedar wood pieces
Cut cedar wood with a miter saw

Step 3: Dry fit pieces for visual reference.

Dry fit pieces to verify planter looks like sketch

Step 4: Use Kreg Jig to drill two (2) holes on each side of the 2x6 shelves and impact pocket screws to 2x4 sides.

2x6 boards receive 2 drilled holes on each end of board

Use impact to pocket screw the 2x6 to the 2x4
Three (3) 2x6 boards screwed to one (1) 2x4

Three (3) 2x6 boards screwed to both 2x4s

Step 5: Use Kreg Jig to drill three (3) holes on the front of the 2x6 shelves and impact pocket screws to 1x3 front. Repeat for each shelf.

Three (3) pocket holes on front of 2x6 shelves to attach 1x3 front

Step 6: Stain newly built wooden wall planter with Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator. Apply coats until desired darkness is achieved.

Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator about to be applied

Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator visual when wet

Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator visual after it dried with 1 coat

Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator visual after it dried with 2 coats

Step 7: Paint 12 Mason Jars with Modern Masters Cheerful Paint.

12 Mason Jars painted with Modern Masters Cheerful Paint

Step 8: Distress mason jars with sandpaper once dried. 

Distressed look on mason jars

Step 9: Plant Succulents in mason jars.

Final result with planted succulents in mason jars

Step 10: Enjoy!

Final wooden wall planter with mason jars and succulents!

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