Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Vintage Wooden Ice Box Chest Change-up

I was lucky enough to be able to pick from Rustoleum's new palettes of colors in their Furniture Transformation Kits and test it out. This was my first time using one of their Furniture Transformations and I was pleasantly surprised by it! I chose the color Emerald which I absolutely think is gorgeous!! I used it on my late Grandparent's wooden ice box chest and am super happy with my final result:

Items Needed:
  • Furniture Transformations Box in desired color (Emerald used)
    • Deglosser
    • Green Scour Pad
    • Bond Coat (Emerald color)
    • Decorative Glaze
    • Cheesecloth
    • Clear Top Coat
  • Paint brushes (roller and regular)
  • Sandpaper
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Ketchup and Sponge for Brass Hardware
Original Ice Box Chest

Step 1: Deglosser. The kit came with Deglosser and a green scour pad for application which was super handy. Wear gloves while applying Deglosser since it is a chemical you do not want on your skin! This deglosser seemed a little more soapy than the deglosser I am used to so i ended up wiping more off than usual.

Deglosser, Scour Pad, and Rubber Gloves
I did have to sand the top of the dresser since it was in pretty rough shape. I only used Deglosser on the rest of the ice box chest.

Sanded only the Top of the Ice Box Chest

Step 2: Bond Coat. I had a tinted Emerald Green paint that came in the kit that was so beautiful! It is a thin paint so I used two coats to get full coverage.

Bond Coat Applied

Step 3:
Decorative Glaze. I absolutely LOVED the dark brown glaze that came in the kit!! I I generously covered one side at a time with a coarse paint brush and then I used the cheesecloth that came with the kit to wipe off the glaze to my desired look.

Decorative Glaze - Graciously Applied and Wiped Off
Cheesecloth Used to Wipe off Excess Decorative Glaze

Step 4:
Protective Top Coat. I applied 2 coats. This was different than the polyacrylic that I am used to using and it applied white-ish and took 48 hours to completely dry to clear.

Protective Top Coat (applies white - dries clear)

Step 5: I used ketchup and a sponge to shine up all the brass hardware. First, I tested that the hardware was pure brass by taking a magnet to it and making sure it was non-magnetic. If brass hardware is magnetic that means the hardware is a different metal with a brass coating. Using ketchup on a brass coating could potentially strip the brass coating so it's especially important to make sure the hardware is pure brass with this method!

Hardware Before Cleaned with Ketchup

Hardware After Cleaned with ketchup

Step 6: Enjoy!

This was my grandparent's and I'm so happy that I get to keep it in the family!

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